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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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armers that grow our sweoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from beg in 5 storeto 7,500. booming is using points to make conntions that grow your business. tonight, one of the biggest water main breaks ever ithe
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shington area. sinesses flooded. ca strewn everywhe. and water for miles. >> words hard to describe. this is it right he. >> now boilingater is a must. hundreds of thousands of people. plus schools will turn to bottled water tomorrow. goodevening, i'm jim vance. >> and'm doreen gentzler. we've seen our share of water main breaks this winter but nothg quite like this. the -inch main burst just before 4:00 capitol heights, maryland, leading to exosion of water. 50 million gallons spewed out beforerews were able to turn the water off 8 1/2 hours later. part of the beltway had to be shut down. and tonight the impact is still being felt, and the majority of houses in prince george's county. darcy spencer joins us live where that breakhappened. darcy? >> reporte doreen, wsse crews ha stopped work for the night. ey have completely shut off that pipe. and water fully restored to
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customers in this area. those repairs will continuin the morning. take a look. the flooding caused major damage. now, businses have a big mess to clean up. a 54-inch water mn ruptured sending 50,0 gallons of water your honor going to t surfe. a car and truck swept away by the force. adjacent to the beltway in capitol heights. it creates a she of ic sending cars sliding and making a mess of the morning mmute. >> it will be sometime before we know what caused it, but it is very cold out. i can tel you the main was 40 years old. but was it the weather? it's too early to say. >> reporter:he water cbined with freezing temperatures turned the beltway between central avenue into an ice rink. the inneroop was shut dow through the early afternoon hours. man on his way to wo in his red car got stranded after sliding acrs the intstate and up into a steep embankment.
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firefighters fisher and beebers of the fire department helped get the panicked man to safety. >> we saw the patient standing out by his car waving for us. he was cold, frightened. >> i felt like we really helped him. i know he really appreciated it. he was able to get heatoing with theeater and whatnot. seemed very happy. >> reporter: 91 callers reportedly the incident as a crash on the beltway. >> calr: coming from sncer avenue. >> reporter: it happened in a commercial and iluding this separate whichould keep it closed for days, if n longer. >> reporter: wsse officials estimate that these repairs wl cost in the millions of dollars.
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not just to repair the pipe but to handlall the claims tha will no doubt be filed by these businesses who suffer so much damage by the flooding. reporting live from citol heigs, darcy spencer, ns 4. >> thank you, darcy. 400,000 water customers in prince george' county are being told to boil water before they drink it or cook. the are anexted east 301. customers should boil it, then cool it. that includes wate used to brush your teeth. other than 30 schools affected tomorrow. drinking fountains will be cooled off. students and teachers will be provided with water bottles. back in september of 2008, you may remember a 66-inch hayne
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breaking. during the six hours there, 35 million gallons of water spilled out. today 50 million gallons were lost. while wsse says it's too early tonow the caus freezin water may have been a contributing factor. ter temperaturein the potomac river fell all the way to deges overnight. chief meteorologist doug kammerer is live with the temperature out there tonight. hi, doug. >> yeah, hi. thatater hasn't continued t move not for it to freeze. buat 32, anything around that water is going to freeze. and temperatures this morning, they were extremely cold. 17 at the airport. lo at the rest othe area. sterling coming in this morning with a temperature of s degrees. itas five this mning in manassas. eight in baltimore. and eight down towards andrews air force base. again, we did see very cold temperatures overnight. th coldest we've seen in a uple years. right now, though, it is 30. the temperaturesave aually gone up over the lastouple of hours. and that's because of our winds out of the southt ten mil an hour.
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and the cloud cover that's across the region as well. comi up over the next 4 hours, we'll be dealing with a nice warm-upomorrow. and then a orm. will it be rain? will ite snow? it all depends ohere you live. i'll break it down coming up. the government in russia has gun a review of security at at country's largest airport. at follows a suicide bombing there today. dozens of peoe were killed. more tha150 were injured. th scenes were broadcast worldwide. craig melvin and aoman who just flew out of th airport minutes before the attack. he's at dulles airport tight, craig. >> reporter: tnk you so much. here at dulles we have not seen a visible or proof. >> i think i'm in shock. >> rorter: as news swept
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througthe terminal, aman's foley's loved ones grew nervous. >> when i arrived here at dues, i had several. this w the scene at the same airport about an hour and a half later. 35 dead. the injed on gurneys. at least one scide bomber set off the bomb. this eyewitness says he saw a man walk in withhe suitcase and shout, "i'll kill you all." >> translator: i just raised my head and he came the blasts. there were man cries and somebody made a shout. this was followed by the explosion. i saw the itcase. the suitcase was on fire. >> i'm very shocked. >> reporter: while no group has
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come forward -- russia's present, used tick er, that starkly differed shannon first saw o her first trip to the countr >> things unfortately happen everywhere in the world. >> reporter: now,fficials in moscowave acknowledged that it doesot appear that a americans were killed in today's attack. craig melvin. jim, back to you. >> thanks, craig. still ahead tonight on news 4 at 11:00, the new program that allowed hackers to reach your mon
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moy. >> a charity that
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the man accused in the tucson shooting rampageleaded not guilty to federal charges agait him today. jared loughner is accused of atteted assassination of a member of congress in the
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shooting of rresentative gabrielle giffords earlier this month. 18 other people were shot. x of them died. loughner will face state charges related to ose victims at a later date. there will be a tribute to giffords when president bark obama delivers his state of the union address tomorrow. the entire arizona delegation will sit togher as a show of unity. and there will be an empty chair for giffords the intern who helped save the woman and the family of christina taylor green will sit with first lady michelle obama. this feature is eected to focus on jobs and reducing the deficit. the susan g. komen foundation is known for its pink color and trademark race for the cure slogan and its fight against breast cancer, but the charity is now in t news for taking legal action against more than three dozen smaller charities who used "for t cure" or "for a cure."
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the fndation says it will come up with a plan in the nt two months toake it easier for everyone to work for cures. comg up, we'll tel you why you should never use websites that require a psword at a free wi-fi site. a former talk show host comes to maryland to lobby for medical marijuana. and doug with the latest on e storm moving our way and [ male announcer ] when sean was looking at mba program he wanted a curriculum designed to meet market needs,
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wi-fi is paradise for hijackers who can snag your persal information. it's called sidejacking and your e-mail, amazon a facebook photos can be exposed in seconds. nbc's vicky nguyen reports. >> reporter: is this your hotmail inbox? >> yes, it is. >> i'm actuallyn your facook page right now on myomputer. it's a little surprising that u're on my page. >> reporter: is this your facebook page? >> yes. >> reporter: these are your photos? >> yes. >> reporter: you're a nurse at stanford uversity? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: we've never met any these people, but within seconds ofetting onto a shared wi-fi network, we were inside their personal accounts. not only could we see their online activity, we cod command it. >> howid you get that?
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>> reporter: we sidejacked them usg a program called fire shoot. we could work alonide them inside their accounts without being detected. i can be you on your facebook i ca change your profile information. i can post status updates, send messages to your friends. >> that's a little disturbing. it lets me mpose a message at you. >> yeah, it's kind of scary because peoe can hack into your account and really mess with your information. reporter: fire oot capres the uncrypted data flyg through that network alling you to see what others are doing. amazon accounts hotmail profiles and several facebook users popped up quickly. >> you're vulnerable at a coffee shop, airport, library, whether it's a free network, wi-fi that you conct to and there'no security >> reporter: mcafee secity expert say any site that requires a ur name and password could be at risk, escially those that have the "remember me" featur >> so when you clickhe
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"remember me" button a then you go to a website and it lets you in direly, you don't hav to typ it in anymore, that's whent captures the information. >> reporter: he says look for secure connections,ites that have https. for example, google g-mail protects you becausehe site encrypts. but facebook doesn't. a spokesmanays facebook is testing security access across the site and hopes to provide it as an tion in the coming nths. concern you? >> yeah. >> reporter: did y have any idea this existe no. no. not at all. >> rorter: he says when you're using an unsered wi-fi network in a public place, you should avoiany sites thatequire a password. >> you never know if somebody is listening in. reporter: readyo pounce on your personal infoation. >> thatas vickie ngun reporting. security experts say there are progra you can install on your computer that wil tell you if someone's sidejacking your information. well, just taking all the fun out of going anywhere with you
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computer, ar't they? >> yeah. no wi-fi for me. >> well, certaly not in an outdoor spot like she was in. >> a of my weather -- weather -- >> weather what? those weather pages. >> talk. >> let's talk about weather. showou what's going on out there. yeah, my weather facebook. i don't want anybody talng to me through my weather facebook page. let's show you what's happening. web pas. that'shat i was looking for. you know those new things called web pages? outside, believe it or not, temperatures have gone up, and that's because othe cloud cover and wds out of the south. doesn't that sound nice? temperatures going up. 32 degrees, the high day. most areas this morning were in the single digits. althoughe did see 1at the airport. that, obviously, becse of the potomac river. right now 30 degrees. winds out of the south a ten. that gives u a windchill of 21. temperatures about 10 to5 degrees waer. some areas even 20 degrees warmer than ty were last
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nigh winchester now at 31 degrees. last night we were alrdy in the teens. sa deal up towards frederick. and right now we're coming in 27 out toward andrewsir force base. still a little windchill, down to 17 inhagerstown. 18, quantico. a littleind will make tngs feel colder but not nearly as cold as it was last night. a clipper system is bringing snows ross the region. watch this he around the district. the atmospher just too dry. in behind the system, much warmer air. howarm? how about 4degrees. back into portions of kentucky and some of that wm air will make its way our way tomorrow. tomorrow, a nice mild day. the cold air returning back t the nort mild air for tomorrow. and that mild air's going to stick around for the first part of our nextstorm. this is going to be a big storm. it's going to provide us with a lot of moisture. mostf it, however, will be in the form of in. but the is going to be enough co air, i think, some of the latest compur models saying there will be enough cold air
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that this will change to snow. and i think just aboutverybody may e some accumulatg snow. not on the roadways so i'm not anticipating any big problems. but at least on the grassy areas and probably o your car. so i-95 cordor south and east. mostly rain but late snow. and again, this could be accumulating snow depending on just how much cold air rushes in behind the system. to the north and west. winchester, martsburg. this will be a all-snow event for you. there may be some mixing. but yohave a best snow chance. and you may pick up a good amount of snow. maybe three to sixnches or so back here. we'll talk more about the efforts tomorrow to nail down these accumulations. but maybe in for good snows bk to the west. partly cloudy tomorrow morning still cold, 1to 25 but much warmer than itas been. 42 to 46 a better day with winds out of the southwest ative to te there's that storm wit that mix making its way in on wednesday.
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when does the rai change over to snow? ill too early to tell. looking colder aefinitely stil chilly thursday and friday. as we head into the weekend as well. just nots cold as this weekend. >> okay. that would be hard to top. >>ouldn't it? >> thank you, doug. still ahead tonight, oprah' surprising familyrevelation. and the reunion that was 47 years in the making. and in sports, wizards on throad again. can the do it?
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just telle the capitals didn't get their butt whipped like the lastimehey played
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ese guys. >> they didn't. they did prove that mentum doesn't always mean someing. they had a strong performance over t weekend. included an ovechn hat trick against the rangers. that's what they needed because thlast time the caps faced the rangers they were embarrassed. theyere shut out 7-0. tonight the caps wanted redempti redemption. they almos got it to verizon center. this guy had been hot. early second period,o score. marcus johansson gets the puck, controls it. sses to matt hendrick, perct timing. gets it past the goaltender. s seventh of theyear. the captake a 1-0 lead. he figured bignto this one. midway through the period the center fir the shot. he makes the initial save. he had 23 saves. third riod, he shoots. it slides around, then bounces farian gaborik over his
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shoulder into the net. that one would be reviewed,ut the goal counts. so we'reiedt 1-1. that means the caps and rangers go to ovtime in the shootout. in round fou of the shootout, marcus johansson has a chance to put the caps ahead. but biron stes him. okay so now it all comes down to holpi. he needs to make a ve. he goesbackhand. take a look here against holpi. ohhe gets i in. game over. capitals lose in a shootout, 3-2, to the rangers. a lot better, though, tha last me. >> whe you're having troub scoring, we constantly preach, ver pass up a good shot. i thought there was four or five times whe the denseman had itr forward had it. we'd fake a shot. we had a good direct line. so we uld look for a bter play. you can't do that. you score your gls by shooting the puck and going tohe net. that's how we got ou. we just didn't do it enough. >> the capitalsave one game,
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that's wednesday night, before the all-star break. things got so rough for the wizards night, there was a reserve who realid his pants were on backwards during the first quarter of the game, and he had to chae around the bench. >> that's embarrassing. >> it is embarrassing. what's not embarrassing is the way they started offhis game. the wizards were hoping that their inspiration wld shake them from this road slump. they hadn't wont the garn since november 2006. plus nick young got a new hairdo to try to spark a fresh spark. e wizards hung with it through three quarters. to new york. flip saunders looking to that void that 0-21 start on the road. wizards up by one. trevor booker from south carolina makes a nice me on the block. his shot, though, blocked. mcgee is there forhe cleanup. mcgee had 15 pots, 10 rebounds. tied at 62-62. raymond felton drops itor
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amare stoudemire. hits the runner, gets fouled. he had 30 on the ght. knicks take a 90-87 lead. six minutes to play. wizards onlyown four. but then the wheels fall off. nick young kicks it t. huh-uh. he's not there. out of bounds. what do you think of the new o? i don't know. >> wards need a stop leave danoallinari openor the three. he drains it. wizards fall to 0-21 the road. they host denver tomorrow. they get another chance for that road win on friday. by the way two redskins linebackers going to the pro wl, brian orakpo and london fletcher because of an injur for fletcher. still to come, one car owner's day goes from b to en worse. we
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forme talk show stontel williams was in indianapolis toy. he was urging lawmakers to legalize medic marijuana. williams was born and raised in baltimore. he 54 years old now, diagnos with multiple sclerosis back in 1999. he says the only pain relief he n find is in marijuana. the state senate passe a bill last year to allow physician-approved use of marijuana. at measure failed in the house. lawmakers are wanting to do a revised versioof that bill this week. oprah says she was speechless when she learned she has a half-sister. her name is patricia. she was given up for adoption nearly 50 yrs ago when oprah was just oph was living with h father d didn't know her mother was
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pregnant. patricia said she first learned she wa oprah's half-sister in 2007 but decided to keep it secret to aid a med frenzy. they met forhe first tim in thanksgiving. >> a male announcer ] myron needed amba to turn his technology into a business. so he chose a university where the faculty average over 14 years of expernce their fields... to helhim turn a thesis into a busins plan and accelerate the path between ideas...and actions. my name is myron sullivan, i'm developing a robot system to clean up oil spills, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] imagine what a business degree can do for you. with four northern virginia locations, one is closer than you think.
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> think you had rough da check this out. up in new york city, really cold up there. this is what somebody walked out to this morning. but, you know, he's a new yorker. no bigdeal got his boys together. they started chiselling only problem, theyhipped too hard. they got the ice off but they also busted the window. >> , no. >> oh, well.


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